Enhanced Security
Up to 32 Door Access Control Panel

  • Duress Mode
  • Anti-Passback
  • 32Door
  • 200,000 User
  • Event Buffers 200,000
  • 26/34 bit Wiegand
  • Multi-Site Management Features
  • Ethernet
  • 2-MAN Operation
  • Time Schedule
  • ARM
  • Cutoff test function
  • Advanced Security Time Schedule
  • Fault-Tolerant System
  • Lockdown
  • Multiple Proprietary Wiegand Format
  • AES Encryption
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System Features



Up to 32 Door Access Control Panel 

Expandable Up to 32 Readers / 128 Inputs / 128 Outputs


iMDC-RIM (Remote Interface Module)
- Connect Up to 16 iMDC-RIM per iMDC-MAIN
- 2 Readers / 8 Inputs / 8 Outputs
- Ethernet (TCP/IP) Communication

- Serial (RS485) Communication : Supported in iMDC-RIM v3.00 or later
- LED / Buzzer Control : Supported in iMDC-RIM v3.00 or later


Programmable up to 27 different Wiegand Data Formats (up to 53 bits)

Linux Operating System Applied for Higher System Performance and Stability

Single or Multiple IMDC Network Communication via Ethernet (TCP/IP)

Easy System Expansion as iMDC-MAIN and iMDC-RIM are Separated

Redundant System Applied to Provide Stable Performance even during the System Failure
- Able to set up for Redundant between iMDC-MAIN and iMDC-RIM Ethernet (not iMDC-RIM Serial)
- User Configurable Relay Output available for device (iMDC-RIM Ethernet) Error
- Self-Diagnosis of device to automatically reset the system (Watchdog Function)


Encrypted Data Transmission (AES 256bit) between iMDC-Main and Communication Server

Up to 200,000 User IDs / Up to 400,000 Event Buffers

iMDC supports various Global Wiegand Formats (i.e. 26Bit, 32Bit, 34Bit, 35Bit, and 37Bit.)

Global / Zone / Timed / Soft / Hard Anti-Passback

Arm/Disarm Function (2~4 Digit)

2 Men-Operation Function

Duress Mode (2~4 Digit)

Guard Tour Function

Advanced Security Time Schedule Configuration

255 Time Schedules

Elevator Control

Configuration Setting per ID
- Time Schedule, Card Usage Expiration Data, Accessible Reader, Door Opening Time, etc.


Event Priority Setting

Alerts when Door Opening Time Exceeds and Forced Door Open

Missing Cards Management

Supervised 4-State Input (On/Off/Short/Cut)

Designed to Withstand ESD(Electro Static Discharge) Shock

Firmware Upgrade via Remote Control

Compatible Software : IDTECK ENTERPRISE


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