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Total Security Solutions R&D Center IDTECK R&D Center In the spirit continual challenge, I will introduce the factory laboratories and technology to explore the new technology, has been to devote to development.


아이디테크 연구소 사진
  • ADDRESS 4F, 61, Samjak-ro 171 beon-gil, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, 14453, Korea
  • TEL 82-32-671-5642
  • FAX 82-32-671-5641

Founded in April 1995, a challenge spirit incessant specializes in research institutes of integrated security system, to explore the new technology, to develop, Institute of name technology, research and development for the satisfaction and convenience of the customer we are vegetarian. Invented a utility model or patent in the field hardware in the field of integrated security systems, software, and algorithms, stability and reliability of the product RFID, Access Controller, and Biometrics, such as Application Program which utilized this by devised of course, flexible scalability excellence has been proven in applications.

Currently, in our laboratory, we strive day and night with a special professionalism and sense of mission for the development of algorithms better, in collaboration with the institution / University-Industry Research Center, the development of new products the focus, the development of enterprises, of course, we will tilt the best efforts so that it can grow to the laboratory, which may be responsible the security and safety of all our customers.

In our laboratory, for those who folded looking for a solution or contact us and we will open the door at all times. You will be a consultation in good faith if you can contact the following address.


아이디테크 공장 사진
  • ADDRESS 4F, 61, Samjak-ro 171 beon-gil, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, 14453, Korea
  • TEL 82-32-671-5642
  • FAX 82-32-671-5641

To build a production system stable on the basis of the production equipment and superior technology, production line of its own name Tech, has the best competitive. It automates combines SMT Line, Insert Line, assembly Line, and packaging Line, the main production equipment, has created a high-value-added, by the systematic total inspection the product that is produced, the product of zero defect I am challenging.

It has operated over the business in general the ISO9001 quality system, we are developing the Six Sigma movement currently. It would be the protagonist to think ahead the position of customer development, production, sales in the whole, and continue to change first, leading the industry.

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