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Lobby Gate System

Strengthen Security with Various Management Configurations
Real-Time Management, Control and Monitoring via Remote Control

Total security system is designed to provide an advanced building-wide security system, which includes the integrated systems of access control, elevator control, video surveillance (CCTV), alarm, visitor management and BAS to manage the entire building (BMS). All the integrated systems are being managed and controlled in real-time from the central monitoring center via remote control to secure the premises with the highest level of security.

  • Lobby Gate System

    Lobby gate system is designed to prohibit the access of the unauthorized users from entering the building as it permits entry to the authorized users only.

    System Benefits
    • Maximizes the efficiency through quick processing of a large group of people
    • For an effective access control management of employees and visitors
    • Seamlessly prohibits the tailgating, the act of getting into the area by following the authorized user
    System Configuration 로비게이트 구축 시스템 구성도 Lobby Gate System 로비게이트 시스템 안내도
  • Visitor Management System

    Visitor management system is designed to verify the identification of the visitor prior to granting access to the premises and to screen the fire arms and other weapons with security check box in areas where it requires high level of security.

    System Benefits
    • Increases the security level as it screens the entry of the unauthorized user
    • Sets an expiry period on the visitor card for thorough management of the visitor
    • Keeps an extensive records of the visitor to cope with the emergency situation
    • Limits the visitors from entering certain areas of the building to increase the security level
    System Configuration 방문객관리 System Configuration Visitor Management System Related Products 금속 감지기(Metal Detector), 휴대용 금속 감지기(Hand Held Metal Detector), 엑스레이(X-Ray), 휴대용 폭발물 감지기(Hand Held Explosives Detector)
  • Elevator Control System

    The elevator user are allowed entry of only the authorized floors and if the user is not identified, the floor button does not activate at all, which could be used to eliminate the unauthorized entries of unauthorized users.

    System Benefits
    • Prohibits the entry of unauthorized personnel
    • Increases work efficiency of the employees as solicitors are not permitted into work area
    • In the case of duress in the elevator, the victim can notify the administrator about the situation Allows the administrators to take immediate action by sending secret / silent alarm signal to the monitoring center in case an intruder threatens an authorized user to use the elevator (Duress Mode)
    System Configuration 엘리베이터 통제 System Configuration Elevator Control System 엘리베이터 시스템 안내도
  • Special Door (Inter-Locking System)

    Inter-Locking System is designed to provide a higher level of access control feature by integrating weight sensors to prevent the tailgating of an unauthorized user or other irregular activities such as removing items or devices from the area without authorization.

    System Benefits
    • Provides effective security solution as it requires dual identifications to gain entry
    • Stage one verification using RF Card / Fingerprint and stage two verification using the weight sensors
    • To be installed in important areas of the building to allow the entries of authorized users only
    • Using the weight sensors, it prevents the entry of unauthorized user and other irregular activities such as removing items or devices from the area without authorization
    System Configuration 특수 출입문 구축(Inter-Locking System) System Configuration Special Door System 특수 출입문 구축 시스템 안내도
  • Video Surveillance and Access Control System Integration

    Integrated video surveillance system is designed to provide higher level of security as it delivers recorded video image in sync with the access event to identify the exact user and to take action in case of incident.

    System Benefits
    • Increase in credibility of the access data as the access information in text is synced with the video image
    • Allows the administrator to take measures to the situation as the user’s image is captured along with the alarm event
    • Prevents proxy attendance or buddy punching as user ID and video image are compared
    • Offers high efficiency in management as access control and video surveillance are integrated in a single software
    Integrated Video Surveillance with Access Control System
    • Integrated management software controls the devices connected to the software
    • Multi-site management and monitoring using the server / client support
    • Real-time monitoring via web browser
    System Configuration 영상감시와 출입통제 통합 System Configuration Video Surveillance System 영상관리 시스템 안내도
  • IBS Interface

    IBS (Intelligent Building System) Interface is designed to provide the management of control system of the building such as electricity, air conditioning / heater, fire alarm automations integrated with access control.

    System Benefits
    • Saves energy (electricity) as the lighting / air-conditioning / heater turns on and off automatically according to the access event. With the first access event, the system automatically turns on the lighting / air-conditioning / heater and turns off the lighting / air-conditioning / heater with the last exit event, all of the lighting system turns on automatically when there is intrusion detection and alarm occurs.
    • In case of fire, the system automatically opens / closes all the doors to minimize injuries or damagesIn case of fire. The system automatically closes vault doors to minimize damages In case of fire, and the system automatically opens all the doors to minimize injuries (Remote Control Available).
    System Configuration 전력, 공조, 소방 자동화 시스템(BAS) 구성도 IBS Interface 전력, 공조, 소방 자동화 시스템 안내도
  • Room Monitoring System

    Room monitoring system is designed to keep a record of the users coming in and out of the room and the number of users remaining in the room by installing readers in both entry and exit points of the room to maximize the energy efficiency integrated with BAS and take immediate action in case of emergency.

    System Benefits
    • Ensures safety as the system provides extensive head count of users in dangerous areas
    • Saves energy as the system checks the occupancy status of the room
    • Decrease in management cost as it decreases manpower (Security Guards)
    • Allows the administrators to take immediate action by providing an exact head count of the area where the event occurred
    System Configuration 재실관리 System Configuration Room Monitoring System 재실관리 시스템 안내도
  • Guard Tour System

    Guard tour system is designed to provide high level of security as it ensures that the security guard to make his or her appointed patrol rounds at the correct time intervals or else the system alerts alarm to cope with the situation.

    System Benefits
    • Increases work efficiency as it is ensured that the security guards make their appointed patrol rounds
    • Extensive patrol report (Daily, Monthly, Yearly) available for exact calculation of labor cost
    System Configuration 순찰관리 System Configuration Guard Tour System Guard Tour System 안내도
  • Personnel Tracking System

    Personnel tracking system is designed to track the location or movement of the user or item, similar to LPS system to allow the administrators to take immediate action by providing exact location of the personnel in emergency situation.

    System Benefits
    • Allows the administrators to take immediate action by providing exact location of the personnel in emergency situation
    • Strengthens security as it provides the location and movement tracks of the visitor
    • User and vehicle access status management to integrate with BAS system for effective building management
    System Configuration 위치추적 System Configuration Personnel Tracking System Personnel Tracking System 안내도
  • Vehicle Management System

    Stable Long Range Reading Guaranteed, Weatherproofed for both Indoor / Outdoor Use, Life-Time Use of Active Cards with Replaceable Batteries, Effectively Cuts Down the Management Cost and Time

    System Benefits
    • Cuts Down the Card Recognition Time as the Long Range Reader Identifies the Card from the Long Distance
    • Decrease in Cost for Management and Patrol Guards
    • Increase in Management Efficiency with Integration with Other Parking Related Systems
    • Enhanced Convenience as It Doesn’t Require the Opening of Vehicle Window for the Card Identification
    Vehicle Management System 주차관리 시스템 안내도
  • Perimeter Security System

    Perimeter security system is designed to tightly secure the perimeters of factory, R&D center, military base and other facilities where it requires high level of security.

    System Benefits
    • Prevents private / corporate information leakage (Research Data, Sales Activities, etc.)
    • Integrated with CCTV to capture the live feed of the event occurred site and identify the violator
    • In case of intrusion, occurs alarm and the location, time and other information are transmitted to the administrator to take action
    • Provides high level of security without any manpower (Cost Deduction)
    System Configuration 외곽보안 System Configuration Perimeter Security System 외곽보안 시스템 안내도
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