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Intended for purchasing all customers, IDTECK operates the YES-ID CASH POINT system. To participate in events that IDTECK sponsored, please won a cash point.

  • Earn points as 0.3% of the purchase price of all (sale of shipment)
  • Payment available at 50% or less of the customer order at the time of acquisition
    more than 500 points
  • Payment of per point, 1200 won discount per point
  • Other possible points such as through participation event of its own, exhibition, to the web site
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Expectation and Goal

  1. 1.Explanation
    • - Yes-ID CASH POINT policy is to reward all our customers who purchase IDTECK products by refunding 0.3% of all purchases with the CASH POINT
    • - One Point has 1 USD (around 1,200won) value. When a customer accumulates over 500 points, then the Cash Point can be used up to 50% of total order value.
    • - The Cash Point can be added up from customers’ various activities (market analysis report, case study report, public media advertisement that contains IDTECK Logo.. etc) and the points can be deducted based on IDTECK’s supports for the customers.

Enforcement policy

  1. 1.Earning YES-ID Cash Point
    • - Cash Point will be awarded up to 0.3% of total purchases based on completed transaction and product delivery.
    • - Cash Point will be awarded within 3 days from the date of the purchase (Domestic- after issuing the tax invoice, Overseas-after issuing the export license)
    Additional YES-ID Cash Point will be awarded when following activities are contributed
    • – Exhibition booth support (Based on pre-approval)
    • - When IDTECK products are displayed in well-known exhibition (Nationwide scale)
    • - IDTECK products and logo must be displayed more than 70% of total product represented.
    • - Yes-ID Cash Point will be awarded up to 50% of booth rental cost during exhibitions.
    • - IDTECK products will be supported for the on-site use (exhibitions) only. (No exceptions)
    • - Exhibition booth support (Based on pre-approval)
    • - When you present case studies and/or market analysis Report: 500 Yes-ID Points will be awarded for each case.
    • - When you provide marketing materials and/or translate the materials: 500 Yes-ID Points will be awarded for each case. (Catalog, Manual, S/W guide, etc )
    • - When you translate materials (S/W) in local languages: 1000
    YES-ID Cash Point will NOT be awarded in followings
    • - When purchased items were on sale.
    • - When purchased items were discounted order for the special sales (Stocking Order)
  2. 2.Spending YES-ID Cash Point
    • - 1 Point has 1 USD (around 1,200won) value and the use of the Cash Point will be available when a customer has more than 500 points.
    • - When a customer makes an order of more than $3,000 USD (500,000 KWON)
    • - Customers can use up to 50% of total product value with YES-ID Point.
    • - Customers cannot use the Cash Point if none of above is being satisfied.
  3. 3.Cancelling YES-ID Cash Point
    • - When purchases are being canceled, returned, or refunded, cash point will also be canceled.
    • - The cancellation process will take up to 3 days (Domestic- revocation of the issuing tax invoice, Overseas- revocation of the issuing export license) and the cash point (in canceling process) will not be allowed during this period.
  4. 4.Replacing YES-ID Cash Point
    • - There will be Point Deduction when you exceed the established number of free support copies.
    • - Section catalog: Up to 100 copies are free.
      # when needed more than 100 copies 3 Yes-ID Points will be deducted for each additional catalog copies.
    • - Full version catalog: Up to 30 copies are free
      when needed more than 30 copies 5 Yes-ID Points will be deducted for each additional catalog copies.
  5. 5.Expiry Period of Yes-ID Cash Points and Other Issues
    • - YES-ID CASH POINT is valid for 2 years
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